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GMS is excited about the all-new Hosted version of our GMS software products. There are many clients that need to have access to their GMS data outside of the ranch or farm. With the help of MyQuickCloud, this new version of GMS will allow you to access this data anywhere and anytime you have an internet connection.

MyQuickCloud is the solution that allows multiple, simultaneous users to access computers and applications remotely, whether you need to access your computer remotely, or share your desktop software with clients or colleagues. MyQuickCloud is the easy and affordable way to make your applications cloud and mobile.

MyQuickCloud operates globally and brings industry-leading experience to thousands of small business users, providing easy access to enterprise-level functionality. We also team up with international partners to enable software companies to add cloud-like functionality to their existing desktop applications.


  • Develop plans to help maximize the health of your whitetail deer herd and/ or exotic herd
  • Develop “Wildlife Management Plans” with our reports module and your local biologist
  • Schedule hunts and other events with our easy scheduling system


  • Track food plot information such as Ph levels, fertilizer, and seed used
  • Track supplemental feeding, types of feed, and quantity
  • Track harvest information such as age, weight, location, date/time, method, and gender
  • Score your harvest, either whitetails or exotics, using our easy scoring system


  • Record range conditions and activities such as controlled burns, where and when, etc.
  • Record data “in the field” using a Pocket PC; no more need for pen and paper
  • Record stand locations and type of set up


  • Quantify herd ratios, compositions, and age structure
  • Determine harvest quotas for any given season
  • Maximize antler growth and quality


  • Download photos of animals, hunters, food plots, feeders
  • Customizable photo albums


  • Specific profiles for each animal in your breeding program
  • Pedigrees (no limit to generations)
  • State required reports
  • Inventory reports
  • Medication Inventory and Reporting
  • Reports on meds, bottle feedings, and much more

Have you ever been frustrated with the way your ranch or deer breeding records are kept? Are you tired of using Excel, a white board, paper and pen? Do you every wish that you could read handwriting and that scrawls made in the deer pen were more legible and the rain and dirt hadn’t made your records unreadable?

GMS Can Help!!!!

GMS, celebrating its 17th year, offers several software solutions for your ranch management and deer breeding needs.

Hear From Our Customers:


"My research team and I manage thousands of deer on several properties to better enhance. protect and conserve the management of whitetail deer. But, regardless of the size of the deer breeding facility, properly managing your deer is critical for your success, because it is vitally important to organize and maintain all the pertinent information about your deer. GMS game management software is the tool I recommend. GMS is the most complete, yet "easy to use" game management software on the market today, and GMS is a must-have tool for anyone raising deer or managing wildlife."

- Dr. James Kroll

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Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch

GMS acknowledges and thanks Donald Hill, Owner, Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch for providing many of the deer pictures used on this web site.